Patriotic Firearms

"...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

About the Business

Patriotic Firearms is a small, independently owned and operated sole proprietorship in Fayette County, West Virginia, founded in 2016. We are an authorized firearms dealer and can help you legally purchase weapons at what we believe are the best prices in West Virginia. If you are looking to make an online purchase from another dealer, check with us first. If you choose to purchase elsewhere and need an FFL transfer, Patriotic Firearms also offers that service.

This small, home-based business in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia operates legally, ethically and honestly. It is our commitment to you that doing business with Patriotic Firearms will be a 100% transparent, fair and honest process. We also do not discriminate between gun enthusiasts and first-time or less experienced buyers. If you need help learning about the best firearm for your personal needs, we are here to help.

About the Owner

Vernon DeLung is a lifelong resident of Fayette County, West Virginia, with roots in many of the traditions and characteristics that make West Virginia and America great - hard work, honesty and strongly held beliefs in faith and the Second Amendment. Vernon applies his passion for one of his favorite hobbies - gun collecting and target shooting - to his ethical business sense in hopes of offering unmatched service to customers.